Digrain Fumite OPP Disinfectant Smoke Bomb – 30G


Clean entire rooms in one go with this Digrain Fumite OPP Disinfectant Smoke 30g

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Clean surfaces without the need for rinsing with this smoke bomb disinfectant
It’s bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal!
Ideal for a complete disinfectant program at home and is easy to apply
This is a dry disinfectant so there is no risk of corrosion
Apply treatment in pre-cleaned areas and seal are as effectively as possible
Light the smoke generators and leave for 2-4 hours
Ventilate the area for 30-60 minutes after disinfecting
See Full Details for complete instructions
Save 35% and blast away germs with this Digrain Fumite OPP Disinfectant Smoke 30g

How to use:


1. Apply treatment in pre-cleaned areas.

2. Switch off smoke alarm devices.

3. Clear people, plants, animals including fish, flammable goods and packaged food from the area to be treated.

4. Seal area to be treated as effectively as possible. Close all doors and windows.

In Use:

1. Take the required number of smoke generators and shake lightly to loosen powder.

2. Tear off can lid and remove.

3. Place each smoke generator on a fireproof base such as a ceramic plate. When a number of smoke bombs are being used, space them throughout the area to be treated and prepare all for ignition before lighting the first.

4. Light smoke generators via the igniter using a match in sequence starting with the furthest from an identified exit.

5. Leave for at least four hours or two hours per 1.5m ceiling height.


Open windows and doors and ventilate for 30-60 minutes before entering the premises.

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