AirSteril Washroom Clean Air System


Fan assisted air sterilisation and odour reduction unit designed for heavy use washrooms where there are 5000 or more visits a day

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Reduces harmful viruses
Circulates fresh clean air
Breaks down unwanted bacteria
Attacks odours at their source
Removes unhealthy microbes from the air
Makes your washroom smell freshly cleaned
Maintains sanitized surfaces
Stops mould and fungi growth
Clears smelly compounds in the air 24/7

Washrooms can accumulate a high level of harmful bacteria and viruses, with every flush, toilets and urinals force faecal micro-organisms into the air, settling on washroom surfaces. Poor ventilation, shared facilities and people who do not wash their hands properly all add to the hygiene problem.

Odours and infections are created by bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds found in the air and on surfaces. Regular cleaning, disinfecting and use of masking agents cannot control the spread of microorganisms, in just 8 hours, a single bacteria cell can multiply to over 8 million, meaning odours prevail and health risks increase*.

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