Air-300 Advanced Air Purifier with two UVC Modules as standard


State of the art advanced air filtration module whichkills bacteria and viruses, absorbs gas and eliminates odour

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Pure air treatment. Gets rid of viruses, bacteria and moulds. Disinfect the air you breathe.
Three core functions:
UV kills bacteria and viruses
Fine filtration to remove solid airborne particles
Absorbs gas and eliminates odour
Air exchange rate up to 1200 m3/h
The green LED indicator strip constantly displays the status of the air particle level
Comes with UV Modules as standard, additional optional HEPA and TVOC modules available separately

Purified air treatment is all about flexibility
High-efficiency activated carbon catalysed composite material can strongly adsorb harmful gaseous indoor conditions.
Under the action of catalyst, benzene / formaldehyde, etc.

The organic gas is continuously decomposed into H20 and C02 which are harmless to the human body, which improves
the adsorption capacity of activated carbon.

The AIR300 has two chambers, into which a filter module can be placed

Installed filter modules are:
• A HEPA+ filter module
• A UV disinfection module, equipped with 2x a special 24 Watt Signify/Philips UV-C lamp

Four-position pneumatic system:
The air flows in and in & out in six directions, so purification is complete, avoiding any dead spots.

Four way air supply (Multi-Flow)
The revolutionary design of the air outlet grid offers clear advantages:

Double-sided air intake

The air returns faster and cleaner, and the room has no dead spots.

• The air flows in and out in six directions, forming a three-dimensional circulating air flow
• Air exchange rate up to 1200 m3/h
• The Multi-Flow outlet grid design offers a ventilation efficiency of 33% over a conventional (flat) air outlet design

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