Hygiene Professionals

As part of the group of Cimex Lectularius Limited group of companies, British Hygiene Control specialises in decontamination and fumigation treatments to deal with viruses and bacteria and with complex pest control issues.

Our technicians are fully Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) trained in health and safety and administering professional strength licensed products correctly and safely in using appropriate PPE.

We are right at the very cutting edge of specialist treatments such as coronavirus decontamination and heat treatment for insect infestations.

We have a long and impressive list of public and private sector clients, and recognise the need for complete discretion in the areas we operate in.

Our network of operatives use the BHC equipment everyday in their hygiene and pest control assignments. I can vouch for the quality and value and encourage anyone looking for a hygiene product supplier to see for themselves.
Gareth Purnell
Managing Director